• Moved into my new flat in Glasgow. Really nice area near the Botanic Gardens. Broadband comes on thursday, but neighbours wifi is free.. :-) #
  • Setting up my new nokia n95 for twitter #

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2 Responses to “My Twitter Updates for 2007-09-25”

  1. André on September 26th, 2007 15:44

    Zeig mal Bilder von neuer Wohnung und Umgebung!
    Und haste schon ne Firma für Dich aussuchen können?


  2. Jule on September 26th, 2007 16:11

    hey dude !
    how are you there, mum said that you sent pics to me but i didn´t receive them :S
    maybe you can try it again cause i am very strained !!!
    Fortunately you have now an flat, SO YOUR LIFE IN SCOTTLAND CAN BEGIN !!! 😉
    okay that´s all what i wanted to write, greets to miriam and i hope i´ll see you sooooon !
    i think my english isn´t soo bad and you can understand everything
    my e-mail adress : xxxxx