Christmas Fail

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2009-12-07 21.25.16kEpic Christmas Fail!

Hier mal ein paar Stimmen von der Insel zur Bundestagswahl 2009.

BBC: Merkel’s party hails dream result

Even if some of their ideas are adopted it will sharpen the political divide in Germany.

But one story tonight is this: at a time when Germans are outraged at the excesses of capitalism, the greed of the bankers and the bonuses they take, they have given the centre-left its worst result in nearly 60 years.

The Guardian: Angela Merkel claims German election victory

She was greeted with cheers of “Angie! Angie!” as she addressed supporters at the CDU headquarters in Berlin.

Telegraph: Angela Merkel claims victory in German election

Celebrations over the conservative victory obscured the fact that Mrs Merkel’s party lost support in the election. Its votes dropped by nearly two percentage points from 2005.

Unemployment is forecast to spike later this year when the government withdraws a scheme of short-term state-financed work contracts that allowed companies to retain workers vulnerable to redundancy

London Times: Angela Merkel prepares to form new German government

Her victory came about largely because of the implosion of the Social Democrats. The party which has historic roots in the German workers’ movement suffered its worst result since the Second World War — 22.5 per cent, according to exit polls.

Gehoert nicht direkt zur Wahl, ist aber trotzdem lesenswert: Regiert bald ein Schotte Deutschland?

Exclusive: Irn-Bru loving son of Scottish soldier tipped as future German leader

AN Irn-Bru drinking Rangers fan is being tipped as the next leader of Germany.

Davey McAllister, 38, is the son of a soldier from the Gorbals who fought against the Nazis.

Now the young politician is being touted as the natural successor to German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Good Night And Sweet Whisky Dreams

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